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Do you have all your wine ready for house parties or gifts?

No? Fear not ... We're here to help :)


We're running a 15% discount on our PARTY WINE collection:



This includes all our fabulous BUBBLES which make such perfect gifts, or to kick off any party ... plus 15% off all LARGE FORMATS (magnums - 150cl) so you can show off your fantastic taste in vino ... AND we've also put some 'digestif' bottles in the 'Party Collection' so that means some sweet wine, some spirits and vermouth are also 15% off until 15/12/22.

That means 90 products are ON SALE until 15th December.




15% promo code = PartyWine15






Yup, that's right.

You can take advantage of this limited time offer with no need to order a minimum number of bottles .... BUT .... with so many bottles you'll be spoilt for choice!

Select from 40 sparkling ideas (4 of those are magnums and as low as $101.15 after discount) ... and a mix of 36 magnums from dry and complex styles like the 6 Nebbiolo or 5 Nerello Mascalese, or smooth and fruity styles like the brilliantly-named Rossobastardo (at an incredible price of $84.15 after discount)!

All you need to do is pop some 'Party Wine' in your cart and checkout using the PROMO CODE to see the 15% saving.


NB: Use the code PartyWine15 at checkout by midnight on 15 December!

* Code valid until midnight 15/12/22 *
 *Promo applies to this list of over 90 products*


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