Alternative wines if your favourite's sold out...

If you like this ... try this!


Some popular wines are now SOLD OUT and most are expected back mid to late JUNE ... but don't forget we have 150+ different wines in our portfolio, so there are lots to try if you're missing your favourite bottle!


Elegant pink bubbles, made like Champagne - click here to read about Edi Kante's KK ROSE (zero dosage) or the 'MOSE ROSE currently on promo!
Easy drinking bubbles (currently no 'charmat' method, only 'traditional') go here for a bottle of 'MORE of the AUTENTICO blend!
Missing our medium-body tropical Chardonnay from Abruzzo? Try other whites here like TREBBIANO or LE GROTTINE or take the mountain route for a Dolomite CHARDONNAY!
Donnaluce is a special Malvasia blend, so check other whites here like the Frascati EPOS or if that runs out grab the FILU from Calabrian Greco vines, or the special disease-resistant vine Solaris wine called NARAN!
Cerasuolo is a classic central Italy rose from Montepulciano, so look for other roses here like the new LA MERIGGIA (same grape) or the Calabrian fruity rose from Gaglioppo grape SAVU!
Rare grape Monica is similar in style to Pinot, so for a light red go here to find the new PINOT NERO from the Dolomites, or neighbouring Pinot MADRUZZO, or grab the classic Nebbiolo VELUT LUNA!
Our popular Valpolicella will be back soon but in the meantime go here to look for easy drinking reds like DOLCETTO or the Barbera DODICI DODICI or the new Nebbiolo blend UVENERE ROSSO of Gattinara!
For a smooth red blend, why not click here and try Super Tuscan FELCIAINO or the Marche blends RUZZOLA or new ROCCUCCIO?
If you're missing the Primitivo style southern reds, click here to grab the last Primitivo ALCHYMIA or try the Montepulciano NERUBE or the rare grape Tintilia called SATOR!
In place of a rich bold wine like Amarone click here for the late harvest Sagrantino BENOZZO, the 100 pt Bordeaux-blend GUADO DE GEMOLI (on promo) ... or even the lighter but very special part-dried Sangiovese *SIR PASSO!



For more ideas or personal recommendations please contact Laura:
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