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Once Upon A Vine is a small business* born out of a love for delicious, healthy wine that won't give us a headache and won't break the bank :)

We import wines that we want to DRINK OURSELVES ... follow us on FB and you'll see what we're drinking every week (day?) from our portfolio!


Award-winning, small-production, healthy wine is now only a click away.

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With 250+ labels to explore - from cool climate mountain wines to volcanic vineyards and sun-drenched vines - there's something to suit every taste!

In fact, your new favourite bottle could be something completely new, like

  • ‘grape of light’ Vitovska from Friuli
  • late-harvest Tintilia of Molise
  • Umbria’s ‘healthy-heart’ Sagrantino
  • a natural orange wine!

Start your wine discovery journey with us today!


How do we select wines for our portfolio? 


Trying the wines is only one part of the process ... we also get to know the winemakers and the family.


We source wine directly from small-production wineries that focus on HEALTHY farming - organic grapes with limited or zero chemicals in the cellar.

Our view on the wonderful world of wine is that “life’s too short to drink bad wine” and you don’t have to ... if you know where to look for great quality and great value. And that’s where we can help!


Our online wine shop features many multi-awarded wines from a range of estates that consistently produce highly rated wines (across a range of critics' reviews), although for many of our small wineries they don't chase awards, so neither do we!

In our growing portfolio, the focus is on RARE grapes and UNUSUAL wine styles. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are just the tip of the iceberg! Take the wine-road less traveled and start exploring unusual wines and lesser-known grapes.

Let us be your guide into this exciting world of artisan wines. We are passionate about sharing the stories behind our wines, so join us at our wine tasting events.


See you for a glass soon – cheers!


* we run our operations from a small home office, with a coldroom to prepare your wine orders for same/next-day deliveries and a temperature controlled warehouse for our collection of 250+ different wines (representing 30+ wineries). From small-scale family wineries, to a small-scale family business here in Singapore, we're all in this together to share our passion for wine!


"Hi, my name's Laura. I've been involved in the wine business since 2013 and I've hosted wine tasting events in Singapore since 2015 - from intimate private tastings to large-scale (200+ guest) wine fairs. As you may know, or have guessed from our company name, I love to tell the stories behind our wines. I'm always happy to make personal recommendations and really enjoy encouraging wine-lovers to explore new grapes or unusual styles!"


Laura Goddard, AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and WSET 3 (distinction).