Audarya - meet the winery!

A perfect mix of tradition and desire for innovation!


In their own words:


"We are both a new company and an old one. A perfect mix of experience and desire for innovation.

We have been part of these vineyards, basically, since forever.

Audarya has been in the wine business for over half a century, with an experience handed down over three generations.

The Audarya estate covers an area of 7 hectares. At the heart of the company, immersed in the green, is our vineyard. Situated about 200 meters above sea level, surrounded by a fantastic landscape, we cultivate Cannonau, Bovale, Vermentino and Malvasia.

In the cantina you find the big vat-room, the wine cellar, the barrels, the tanks, the bottling room ... and a small museum of wine, with tools of the last century, recovered and restored.

Immersed in the blinding bright light of the islands, where the wind can banish even your thoughts, since the beginning here we grow grapes and they become wine.

A story that looks ahead and speaks of future and innovation.

A story that started a long time ago and long wants to last."






Start your Audarya journey with their popular white wine named for the key local grape that thrives in sandy soils - Vermentino 2019.

This is a refreshing, fruity white with fine citrus flavours and mineral sensations. Pair with sushi or fresh seafood dishes.




Don't miss the chance to try Nuragus 2019 from the grape of the same name.

Nuragus boasts a richly aromatic nose (orange blossom; tropical fruit, almond skin, lime skin) and a long, soft finish. Similarity with Vihno Verde and hints of the character of Riesling or Gewurz!




Their Malvasia - Estissa 2018 - is aged in concrete vats and spends 7 months on its lees in small ovoid concrete tanks ... "where it matures in structure and minerality. “Est’issa“, it’s her".

It is rich, warm, round and so layered ... swirl it in your glass to enjoy the evolution!




The winery's feature white is named for the Vermentino vineyard path* - Camminera 2018 - and it's delicious and refreshing with plenty of structure and incredible food pairing potential. A big hit at any dinner party!!

* "Sa Camminera is the walk that runs along the vineyards. For someone, definitely for us, it is the entry to a magical world. It is also the name of our walk to make Vermentino of Sardinia obtained from the grapes of our best vineyards, selected for features and exposure of the land."




Fans of fresh yet bold rose wines will love Rosato 2019, made from the key local red grape Cannonau. It undergoes a very soft press and cold stabilization for 4-5 days, followed by fermentation in stainless steel vats at a low temperature, then rests on its fine lees.

"It's a Thursday night ... balcony wine ... raspberry and strawberry!" was the quote from a happy customer on first taste!




If you enjoy a light to medium body, fruity, Pinot Noir/Nero, you'll adore the rare Monica 2019.

"There is nothing better than listening to tales and accompanying them with a glass of wine. The better the wine, the more intriguing the tale; the more intriguing the wine, the better the tale." (A fitting quote from the winery as it's also a perfect summary of our business philosophy and the reason behind our choice of business name!)

Laura's key tip? Pair this delicious red with crispy duck pancakes!




Sip a glass of Cannonau 2019  to fall in love with Sardinia's answer to Grenache (a.k.a. Grenacha).

Expect a similar profile to most Grenache of southern France, with a more pronounced note of minerality - typical of wines from this warm island's terroir.




Last but certainly not least is the winery's flagship red from Bovale grapes - Nuracada (available in standard 75cl size, or limited number of 150cl MAGNUMS available).

This decadent red has notes of red fruit and sweet spices, with a long smooth character. It pairs beautifully with lamb stew, or a grilled steak, or can even stand up to some hints of spice so why not test it out with your next rendang?




If you need helping deciding where to start, please do contact me for personal recommendations and advice.


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