Wine Pairing: Indian Food & Wine

Beer is perhaps the traditional beverage to accompany a curry, but for those of us who like a good glass of vino we have a lot of great choices.

One of the first considerations when pairing a wine for Indian food is how much spicy heat you like to taste from the dish. If you want to counter the heat then go for a wine with some sweetness. Or if you like your Indian as fiery as possible you can stick to a drier wine.

Think of your wine as a liquid friend to balance the food; the spiciness in the food will seem to decrease as the level of fruitiness in the wine increases.

Another fabulous characteristic of Indian food is the aroma.

Pairing with an aromatic wine will enhance those lovely spice aromas. Ideally, try to find a wine that has some natural aromas on the nose that you also find in Indian dishes; for example, the sweetness of green cardamom, aromatic and citrus quality of coriander, plus toasted black pepper and smokey cumin.

Look for an aromatic Gewürztraminer, as this delicious white wine typically has a slight sweetness that balances the heat, plus a range of aromas to complement the Indian spices. Our TRAMINER AROMATICO from the Trentino winemakers Pojer & Sandri is a delicious Dolomite mountain wine and we’ve paired this countless times with various Indian dishes with great results.

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