TASI - meet the winery!



TASI is a young, up and coming winery born in the cru of Tenuta Le Cave, Verona.

They have transformed what was once a quarry, industrially exploited and abandoned, into a beautiful organic vineyard and Wine Relais overlooking the entire valley.


NB: In a local Veneto dialect TASI means ‘hush’. According to the TASI winemakers it is a “call to shut up, to everybody who takes themselves too seriously.”



Nestled in the Amarone wine making area, Tenuta Le Cave is a natural, evocative terrace facing the eastern valley of the Valpolicella DOC region and the first summits of the Lessinia Natural Park.

The surrounding white stone setting is what remains of the old quarry, now turned into an enchanting vineyard stretching out along the hillside among woods and olive trees. These valleys produce great wines, Valpolicella and Amarone above all, but also amazing white and surprising bubbles.




The TASI estate is devoted to high quality organic wine and biodynamic wine production. This is a conscious, heartfelt choice because wine for them is a passion to be shared.

We work in a great area, between the hills of Amarone and the valleys of Soave and Prosecco, focusing on the traditional grapes and wines of these terroirs. Everyday we put all our hearts into producing unique wines, because we believe that nothing like a good bottle can bring people together and be part of great moments."




TASI wine embodies stories of terroir, good companies and great times.

We love good wine; the natural products of this beautiful and wild land; and the idea of bringing them to the world. We don’t like pesticides; doctrine that is an end in itself; or people who take themselves too seriously” say Michele, Matteo and Mattia.