Newsletter - Friday 29 May 2020

Last chance for May Circuit Breaker Sale















Browse the full May CB Promo wine list HERE


Grab the May CB Sale Wines before midnight on Sunday! We will look at our stock this weekend and plan for some new SALE wines from 1st June onwards, so stay tuned ...
















Psst! We have also been taste testing, reviewing and uploading new wines to the website from our recent arrival of new vintages.


Look out for the new wines from Pojer & Sandri (including the very special Piwi wine ZERO INFINITO CREMISI) and from Serra San Martino (including some old vintages of LYSIPP their flagship Montepulciano) plus unique Friuli wines from Draga such as their skin-contact Friulano JAKOT or their stunning orange wine MALVASIA MIKLUS


If you're not familiar with ORANGE WINES you may like to start with a skin-contact white to ease you into the style, such as the new PINOT GRIGIO by Draga. If you're ready for something more shocking try Draga's PINOT GRIGIO MIKLUS, which is a stunning burnt orange (almost light red) colour. 


Did you know? The Pinot grape vine is one of the world's oldest known vitis vinifera and has undergone many colour mutations over the centuries, resulting in the well known black Pinot Nero (or Noir), the white Pinot Bianco (Blanc), the grey Pinot Grigio (Gris) and less famous 'dusty' or 'millers' Pinot Meunier (used in Champagne) that gets its name from the leaves, which have fine white hairs that give the appearance of baker's flour. Back to ORANGE WINE - you'll find Pinot Grigio a popular choice for this ancient winemaking technique, as the skins are almost a pinkish grey shade and this infuses the wine with a lovely unique hue. So never let anyone tell you PG wines can't be interesting!



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