A fruttaio full of Vespaiola

Have you heard of the grape Vespaiola ... or the special winemaking process using a fruttaio?


  • the Vespaiola grape is a variety commonly high in sugar levels, which makes it ideal for sweet wines such as passito style dessert wines ... in fact, the sugary aromas found in Vespaiola vineyards attract wasps and this led to the grape name that derives from the Italian word for wasp – Vespa!


  • an ancient Veneto winemaking method involves the painstaking manual selection of stalks with undeveloped Botritis cinerea (noble rot) and then tying them to ropes which hang in a special room known as the fruttaio for 4 months!


Psst! Watch a video from the fruttaio here: https://youtu.be/fPxHlF6Df7g


Now try this sweet but very elegant dessert wine here: 



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