iGreco - meet the winery!



A family famous for olive oil has added native wine to their portfolio.


Along the Ionian coast of east Calabria, the Greco family have been farming hundreds of hectares of land as olive fields for many generations to produce some of the best Italian olive oil. These organic groves are now sharing space with organic native grapes and the result is a collection of very interesting and multi award winning wines.

Following in the footsteps of their father Tommaso, the hillside estate is now managed by the seven Greco siblings - Cataldo, Ernesto, Filomena, Natale Francesco, Saverio, Marilena and Giancarlo. They continue to make outstanding olive oils, including a range of delicious flavoured oils with natural chili, garlic, lemon, rosemary and truffle notes. They are also dedicated to crafting local wines with traditional methods and they balance this with a modern laboratory to analyse both the wines and the olive oil.

The vineyards cultivate grapes indigenous to the area, with the focus on Gaglioppo and Nero di Calabria (related to Sicily’s Nero d’Avola) for the red wines, and the local variety Greco for the white wines.

The wine labels feature the iconic iGreco logo, with the seven siblings represented by rings around the central sun. Just like the different personalities in the logo, the wines of iGreco are a varied collection of characters, with a common theme – the organic, healthy and local taste of Calabria.

At iGreco, “nature and work” are the founding values for the company and the brothers run the winery based on a “family tradition of respecting the seasons and the timing of nature”. The land surrounding the estate has appealed to settlers since ancient times and stories are passed down about visits from Gods, Poets, Artists and Athletes. The endemic vines soak up this local history through the soil and the iGreco wines offer “an experience of the senses and memory, an imaginary journey in history, in mythology, in the culture of a people”.


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