Birthday Celebration (12 months of Once Upon A Vine)


It's our 1 year anniversary weekend!


On the 10th of October 2019 we hosted a small tasting to announce our new business name. A few weeks later the website went live!


What a year it's been ...


* In late 2019 and early 2020 we hosted some great wine tasting events, with the usual 'story sharing' that you know we love (hence the business name). We had a fabulous event with Agnese Barbarnera to showcase her family's new range of Tuscan reds.

* Plans were afoot for exciting new events, including a wine documentary and tasting night ... then ... CB hit ;-)


* Thanks to the support of loyal customers and guests (many we've known for 5+ years) we had a busy time during CB and we were so pleased to continue ordering from our small-productionfamily-run estates in Italy (many we've worked with since 2013). Those orders made a big difference to many small wineries.


* Now we're all adjusting to 'the new normal' with limits on group activities. 'Staying home' and dinner parties are the new 'going out' for many people, so we've been happy to help with food-pairing ideas! We get lots of requests for which rare grape wines pair well with local dishes. The list is huge ...


12 months on and sadly tastings are still on hold.

So here's hoping we can meet soon for a wine tasting event, to try new labels and vintages together!