Pojer & Sandri - meet the winery!

Meet the wines of the Pojer e Sandri family estate in Trentino.



The Pojer & Sandri winemaking partnership began in 1975 when Fiorentino Sandri inherited an alpine vineyard in central Trentino-Alto Adige and partnered with his good friend Mario Pojer to pursue their shared passion of creative winemaking.



Within their 26 hectares, Pojer & Sandri cultivate vines at different altitudes.

This geographical diversity allows them to focus on mono-varietal wines as well as advanced concepts based on grape blends or cuvée.



The Pojer & Sandri portfolio of wines is extremely diverse, working with international varieties such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as local grapes such as Nosiola and Muller Thurgau.

For example, their unique dessert wine, Merlino, is made with the Lagrein grape and fortified with their own DIVINO brandy which they promote as an Italian wine for fans of Port and Banyuls to “pair with chocolate”.


They also make elegant grappa, a range of Aqua Vitae made from local fruit and a collection of delicious vinegar from the various wines and fruit.



Pojer & Sandri are renowned for their healthy wines that avoid the use of sulphurs.


The winery has numerous special projects such as the planting of cuttings (‘barbatelle’) which are resistant to the main diseases of the vine. In fact, their PiWi grape wine, Zero Infinito, is the first of its kind - vinified without the addition of any chemical substances in the vineyard or in the cellar.

Another patented innovation is their machine for washing the grapes before pressing, which removes earth, dust, insects, flowers and especially any residues of copper and sulphur from the skin.



Arguably, what made Pojer & Sandri LEGENDS was their early innovation on a path of "non-oxidation”. The company developed machines and techniques that allow the grapes to be pressed in an environment that uses inert CO2.

The result is truly remarkable: more character and freshness, rich aromas extracted from the skins and the preservation of natural antioxidants.




Well of course if you follow me on IG or FB you know how highly highly I regard their "Champagne style" metodo classico EXTRA BRUT and BRUT ROSE so those would be a fabulous starting point.

Did you see our recent photos of a very special 600cl methusaleh (8 standard bottles in one)?

In fact, at such a great value price point ($59 for the standard bottle or $120 for a magnum) I'd recommend getting a bottle to compare against an actual Champagne in a blind tasting with friends !!!



For their whites, they have a range of single grape wines to explore - all at very reasonable prices for such great quality ($39).

From well-known varietials (Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling, Gewurztraminer) to less famous local varietals (Nosiola, Muller Thurgau) and all with recognisable mountain freshness. These make fantastic wines for warm Singapore afternoons.



Don't miss their flagship white, BIANCO FAYE, which blends Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco to create a rich, complex, layered white wine with incredible food-pairing potential.





Rose lovers?

Their VIN DEI MOLINI is a fresh, almost tangy, rose wine made from a little-known grape called Rotberger - a blend of Schiava and Riesling.

Think red fruit of the local Schiava vine, with the backbone of a Riesling. :)




For the red wine collection, start with their classic line Pinot Nero (again, great value at only $45), which is fresh and fruity yet develops beautifully in the bottle ...if you can be strong and not open every bottle!!

For fans of Burgundy reds don't miss their single-vineyard Pinot called RODEL PIANEZZI (made from Burgundy clones, as opposed to the classic line that blends the Burgundy clone with a local Trentino clone).

Need a pairing idea? How about duck confit, or even Crispy Duck Pancakes? Stunning combination :)



Looking for something more powerful? Look no further than their ROSSO FAYE made from classic Bordeaux varieties (Cab Sav, Cab Franc, Merlot) with the addition of local grape Lagrein - giving it a superb lift.

Balancing fruit purity and concentration with mountain-style freshness, plus structure and subtle power ... this is the character of their 'bunny wine' and why we have been ageing magnums for the last 7 years in our personal cellar to enjoy the fantastic development in the bottle. If we can get back to our popular wine tasting events soon, maybe we'll open a bottle to enjoy together!!





And finally ...

They make a white dessert wine from a blend of botrytized grapes, called ESSENZIA (in honour of the Tokaji tradition) ... a red fortified wine called MERLINO, which Port fans will adore (fyi, the 16/02 on the label refers to the wine vintage of 2016 that was fortified with their brandy of 2002) ...

Plus a range of GRAPPA and BRANDY that actually takes them back to their 'roots' as they started out making spirits before launching their winery.


Oh and why not check out their vinegars, such as red wine vinegar, or white wine vinegar from the unique Zero Infinito, or even fruit vinegar sprays - perfect on salads.



We import such a wide range of wines (and other products) from the Pojer & Sandri team ...

So if you don't know where to start contact me for personal recommendations and advice.


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