Birthday Cheers (4 yrs of Once Upon A Vine)


It's our 4 year anniversary week!



On the 10th of October 2019 we invited about 30 VIP customers (from previous wine business) for a wine tasting to announce our new business name!

We were delighted to start on a series of events in late 2019 and early 2020, planning a wine documentary screening in April 2020. Little did we know that social distancing, masks and rules would continue past our 2nd anniversary ... and our next event wouldn't be possible until April 2022 :(


So here we are now. 4 years later.


Thanks to the support of loyal customers here in Singapore we have had enough demand over some difficult times to justify repeat orders from our small-production, family-run estates in Italy (many we've worked with since 2013).

Those orders made a big difference to small wineries. They continue to message us their thanks and this year we have been trying to support them as much as possible again. Our orders for the Singapore market may seem small compared to the big wine merchants, but to our Italian wineries it can really help in tough times!


Last year we were excited to start running a number of wine tasting events (and wine pairing dinners).

This summer, we moved our home office (and coldroom - where we pack for same/next-day deliveries) to a location with a new space for events. This means we can re-start our wine tastings and intimate dinners.

P.S.: The wine documentary screening event is still on hold but we hope to finalise dates very soon.



What's next?


We are currently re-stocking popular bottles, as we prepare for Christmas and CNY2024.


We're also looking ahead to different styles of events, including partnerships with some other small-production importers ... and of course some new wines for the portfolio!

We are excited to feature many new vintages and new wines at our upcoming tasting events, with lots of stories to share after a recent visit to Italy - when we visited many of 'our' wineries from Trentino through Tuscany and Umbria to Sardinia then Abruzzo, Molise, Apulia, Calabria and finally Sicily!!


Hopefully you'll be able to join us soon for a tasting session ... but until then you can celebrate with us this week when you enjoy a 12% DISCOUNT on our website (with a minimum spend of $120), applicable to ALL* our fabulous wines (including magnums) as well as products like vinegar, oil, grappa, vermouth, and more - the entire online store!

* just a few very low stock labels aren't on promo this week but you still have 300+ labels to explore!


Just don't wait too long ...

The code is only valid until midnight on Sunday (15 October). So be quick. Go grab your favourites NOW.



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