Moscato - grape of the bees!

Did you know the Moscato grape boasts over 200 varieties?

It has been loved by WINEMAKERS for centuries thanks to its highly aromatic character (not only after vinification but even straight from the vine, in the vineyards!) and also the local WILDLIFE that love to feast on this fragrant fruit.

In fact, Pliny the Elder called it the "Grape of the Bees" (uva apiana).

Nowadays we may call it muscat, muscatel, muscadel, or muscadelle, but by any name it's a delicious grape and a popular wine style.



In our growing collection of artisan wines, we feature 2 classic styles of Moscato from ASTI (slightly sweet and slightly fizzy) by Monchiero Carbone (based iin Roero, across the river from Barolo and Barbaresco) and Ferraris. (located in the Monferrato hills of Castagnole Monferrato).

You can also try the dry, still Moscato of APULIA (the 'heel' of the Italian boot) by Tenute Chiaromonte.

Last but not least, try Moscato as an aromatized, fortified wine, flavoured with botanicals - aka VERMOUTH - for the perfect Singapore afternoon cocktail.




The internationally popular Moscato wine grape is believed to have originated in ancient Greece and is now grown in various wine regions around the world.

It is primarily used to produce sweet and aromatic wines, typically low in alcohol content, with a refreshing palate, making them a popular choice for casual occasions and dessert pairings.

What are the Flavour Profiles of Moscato?

Moscato wine grape is known for its fruity and floral flavours.

It offers a range of tasting notes, including peach, apricot, orange blossom, and honeysuckle.

The grape's natural sweetness is balanced by its acidity, creating a harmonious and enjoyable drinking experience.

Pairing Moscato with Food

Moscato pairs well with a variety of foods.

Its sweetness and acidity make it a great match for spicy dishes, such as Thai or Indian cuisine.

It also complements light desserts like fruit tarts, sorbets, and creamy cheeses. For a refreshing summer pairing, try Moscato with fresh berries or citrus-based desserts.