"Diva Vines" March Promotion


In celebration of International Women's Day (8 March 2021) we're highlighting 18 products from female-led wineries or wines inspired by the female spirit of the land!


We're calling this our DIVA VINES collection, as the Italian word 'diva' means a female deity or goddess! :)


* 5 sparkling (traditional method, aka Champagne style)
* 5 white wines, from local and often rare grapes
* 2 rose wines to sip on a sunny Singapore afternoon
* 5 red wines, from Tuscany, Piedmont, Trentino and Sicily
* 1 delicious extra virgin olive oil from Mount Etna!


Use the code DIVAVINES at checkout to save 10% on any of these 18 products if you order online by midnight Sunday 14 March.




This family winery is a story of sibling success! Alongside brother Salvatore, Nicoletta is making a name for herself not only in Sicily but in Italy and beyond, as she shares her passion for their local Sardinian vines!



One of her favourite wines is the rare white Nuragus, named for this endemic grape (shows some similarity with Portuguese Vihno Verde or Abruzzo Pecorino). It has a richly aromatic nose - yellow flowers, orange blossom, pears, almond skin, lime skin - and a long, soft finish. Or why not try the unusual Estissa 2018 from local Malvasia di Cagliari, which translates to "It's her!". It's packed with warm ripe fruit and notes of preserved lemons, plus honeysuckle, candied citrus and maybe even a hint of Earl Grey). Fan of pink? Grab a bottle of their Rosato 2019 with its gorgeous 'lady giraffe' label :)



Save 10% on Nuragus 2019 (usual price $35) or their Estissa 2018 (usual price $49) or their Rosato 2019 (usual price $35) if you order by Sunday!





Bolgheri estate Chiappini is run by Giovanni with the help of his daughters. Martina Chiappini has become the champion of this 'hidden gem' as she promotes their stunning Tuscan wines to a wider wine world that may be more familiar with their neighbour Ornellaia but would do well to take note of this outstanding winery!



As photographed here (alongside the most important woman in my life - my mum!) Chiappini's white blend of Vermentino and Viognier, Le Grottine, is on the promo list, as is the Felciaino 2018 - a classic Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese, Cab Sav and Merlot. But don't miss the chance to try the newly released 'big brother' Guado de Gemoli 2017. It's packed with flavour - expect aromas of ripe red fruit and spice, then later notes of liquorice, tobacco, cedar and cinnamon - while still being a great balance of power and elegance. This wine also has fantastic ageing potential.



Save 10% on Le Grottine 2017 (usual price $32) or Felciaino 2018 (usual price $59) or their flagship Guado de Gemoli 2017 (usual price $129) if you order by Sunday!





Lucrezia (wife of winemaker Francesco Monchiero) is a role-model for 'women in wine' and a passionate ambassador for the lesser-known region of Roero in Piedmont - specifically for the MonBirone wine produced by the Monchiero Carbone family estate, from Barbera grown on the slopes of this stunning hillside.

And it's name? MonBirone is the most celebrated hill in Canale, and home to the sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of MonBirone, to whom the people of the town are devoted! It is also at the heart of the family’s wine-growing tradition, as it was here on this very hill, as long ago as 1918, where Tilde Valente* purchased her first small plot and planted Barbera vines!

* Clotilde Valente was the great-grandmother on the Monchiero line (the winery was named for the union of 2 families, through the marriage of Lucia Carbone and Marco Monchiero - grandson of Clotilde).

Save 10% on Barbera d'Alba MonBirone 2017 (usual price $69) if you order by Sunday!





The winery of Pietradolce lies in the shadow of the “she-volcano” Etna and the wines are a beautiful expression of this female spirit.

The bottle labels pay tribute to the female spirit of the mountain and we have selected arguably the most feminine of the Etna Rosso wines to showcase this week - the 'single vineyard' Contrada Santo Spirito. It displays a Classic volcanic nose (mineral, crushed rocks) plus floral notes and a warmth that takes you straight to the black soil of Etna; some small hint of cacao on the nose; bright wine with pleasant tannins. Like the 'classic line' Etna Rosso this wine shows some cherry and berry reminiscent of Sangiovese, plus more earthy notes like a Pinot Nero and some floral character that makes you think of Nebbiolo wines. If you're new to Etna reds, make this your first bottle!! You will also love their organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from a "superior category olive oil made exclusively with olives harvested on the farm, following friendly farming methods".

Save 10% on Etna Rosso Santo Spirito 2017 (usual price $69) or their Extra Virgin Olive Oil (usual price $29) if you order by Sunday!





Nestled in the photogenic Dolomite mountains is the family winery of Domenico Pedrini. He is now helped by his talented daughters Giulia and Erika, who work in every area of production from the vineyard to the cellar and even the bottling room for hand-written touches (shown in the photograph).

They are both champions of PiWi grapes (special crosses, bred for their 'super grape' qualities - resistant to all disease of the vine) and now have two delicious whites ready to share with the world - the Solaris Naran (warm, tropical fruit notes) and the Souvignier Gris Naran (fresh and floral, a little like a chilled out Sauv Blanc). We have also highlighted their tasty rose wine this week, Belleamour, which is a very food-friendly wine - perfect when we visited them last, with their mum's home-cooked risotto! And fans of Pinot will love their Pinot Nero Madruzzo (named for the nearby castle) with its fruity nose (wild raspberry, strawberry, maraschino cherry and some dark plum), perfect with duck pancakes!

Save 10% on their PiWi grape whites Solaris Naran 2018 (usual price $39) and Solaris Naran 2018 (usual price $39) or try the rose Belleamour 2018 (usual price $35) and the red Pinot Nero Madruzzo 2016 (usual price $49) if you order by Sunday!





Award-winning sparkling wine producer, Ridgeview, is skilfully managed by CEO Tamara Roberts. Last year she was named the President of the IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) in recognition of her expertise and also as a nod to the growing importance of English wine - giving her a much-deserved platform to be a voice for the potential of ESW (English Sparkling Wine).

Why did we chose Ridgeview for our portfolio last year? Apart from the approval of another powerful woman - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - this family-run estate is nestled in the photogenic South Downs, very near to the towns where both Chris and I grew up!

Not yet tried ESW? What are you waiting for? Save 10% on any of the Ridgeview bubbles when you order online by Sunday!



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