SAGRANTINO – The ‘Healthy Heart’ Grape!

In a previous post* on organic wine, we talked about the grape Sagrantino!


Native to the land-locked region of Umbria (but also sometimes found in next-door Marche), this powerful red grape packs a punch not only in the glass but also in terms of health benefits, thanks to it’s high levels of Procyanidins …



Research into the health properties of wine is ongoing but many useful discoveries have been made regarding polyphenols.

A key benefit of red or orange wine comes from the polyphenol Procyanidin that is found in the skins and seeds of grapes. Our blood vessels suffer from cholesterol plaque but Procyanidin inhabits this plaque build-up (think of them like dental floss for your arteries, or ‘arterial floss’).

Sagrantino grape has naturally high levels of Procyanidins compared to other more famous grapes. In fact, Sagrantino boasts polyphenol levels twice as high as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Did you know? Studies show that the bitter taste in wine is a good guide to the levels of Procyanidin. Perhaps not surprisingly given their naturally bitter quality, tea and chocolate both contain Procyanidins.



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Scroll down to read the flyer made by our Umbrian winery Cesarini Sartori to explain more about the Sagrantino grape:



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