Jasci & Marchesani - meet the winery!


Organic wines from the greenest region of Italy!


This family-run winery has been producing excellent wines for many decades and since 1978 they have been focussing on 'vini biologico'.

When organic farming was still in its infancy, Sebastiano Jasci (together with his wife Lucia Marchesani) was one of the first Italians to transform his vineyard and wine production to fully embrace the natural techniques.



The 33 hectares of specialised vineyards are situated in Vasto, facing south-east towards the Adriatic Sea.

This area has been populated since 1300 BC (legend says Vasto was founded by Diomedes, the Greek hero) and this ancient town boasts many historical treasures such as Roman-era thermal baths, mosaics, cisterns and an amphitheatre.


The soil here in Vasto is rich and fertile and the Jasci & Marchesani vines are caressed by a breeze from the nearby sea. The wine- makers believe it is this sweet sea breeze that creates a “perfect habitat for vine-growing”.

The grapes grown here are mostly native but international varieties also flourish, offering an authentic taste of the terroir. The Jasci & Marchesani wines harness this local flavour, creating a unique final product to savour.



Above all, this boutique winery is about family and passion.

As current winemaker Nicola Jasci says, the most important thing is “the devotion to the family and the passion for the land” which results in delicious and healthy wines.








Metodo Classico (aka Champagne method) sparkling wine AUTENTICO is made from classic bubbles grape Chardonnay with international Riesling and local Pecorino - for a unique glass of fizz!


Winemaker Nicola Jasci added this wine to his family's portfolio in 2013 and has continued to make small batches every since.

Nicola is proud of its special character, which mirrors the elegance of Champagne while authentically representing the warm, fruity notes typical of Abruzzo wines. He describes his bubbly as, "composed and captivating, taste it with slow, rhythmic and continuous sips".




Celebrated for his dedication to organic farming and non-intervention wines, Nicola Jasci offers his 'classic line' as an introduction to the 3 key wines of Abruzzo - white TREBBIANO, rosato CERASUOLO* and red MONTEPULCIANO.

After hand-harvesting and short fermentation, the white and rose spend 6 months refining in stainless steel; the red develops for 6 months in oak barrel.

* What can you expect from the Cerasuolo? Expect notes of candyfloss, toffee apple, red apple, marachino cherries, candied raspberry (hint of gooseberry). Delicious with dim sum and duck with hoi sin sauce. Mmmmm!!




The most recent addition to the collection are some single-variety wines from popular international grapes: the structured RIESLING and the tropical TRAMINER.

These whites are both bursting with local Abruzzo style (rich, warm fruit notes) and great for food-pairing ideas with our local Asian cuisines here in Singapore!




Explore the two most important grapes of Abruzzo - white PECORINO* and red MONTEPULCIANO. You can also experience the rosato version of Montepulciano - locally known as CERASUOLO, meaning 'cherry' for its rich colour.

* Did you know ... the white grape takes its name from 'pecora' meaning sheep. One story goes that the reference is to the shape of the bunches (long like a sheep face) but another story tells of sheep munching the tasty grapes on their way down the hillside - where the grape originated!

Fun Fact: Both the Pecorino and Montepulciano grapes are believed to have originated up on the hills of Abruzzo. The region might be known for its central/south location and warm summers, but it is also 65% mountainous which offers plenty of variety in terms of terroir.




We are lucky to have 2 vintages of the Montepulcino Rudhir line available (2018 + 2019), but don't wait too long as both are getting low. These labels will be a great step on your journey of appreciation for this rich, smooth grape!

18 months ageing in oak barrel and barrique, then 2 years in bottle gives this wine a deep, round palate - delicious notes of dark plum, ripe cherry, chocolate and some sweet spices. Try with steak or even a spicy dish!




One of our most unusual red wines, the extraordinary* JANU should be sipped and savoured.

It goes beautifully with grilled meat or a chilli con carne dish, or open at the end of the meal to pair with aged cheese... or just as a 'meditation' wine!

* The unique flavours of J&M's flagsip red wine is thanks to its wooden barrel ageing - a secret combination of different time in different types of barrels, from oak to acacia and hazelnut!




If you need helping deciding where to start, please do contact me for personal recommendations and advice.






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Branded with the Jasci & Marchesani logo, your home Wine Tasting Kit includes an apron (full length or half/server style), a double-hinge 'waiter's friend' corkscrew and a non-drip wine pourer - all featuring the attractive J&M VINI BIOLOGICI logo.


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