Pravis - meet the winery!

Meet the wines of the Azienda Agricola Pravis family estate in Trentino.

The Pravis winery of Domenico, Gianni and Mario has been cultivating grapes and producing high-quality wines for over 30 years. The three owners see themselves as first and foremost grape-growers, working in harmony with their surroundings. The winery embraces a rural approach to viticulture and viniculture, respecting local traditions and operating as a “symbol of the hardworking peasant culture”.

Nestled between Trentino’s Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda, the Pravis vines grow on the sunny mountain slopes and are soothed by the Ora wind that warms the valley. Many indigenous varietals are cultivated and some are even being saved from extinction. Numerous small vineyards are cultivated according to each unique microenvironment and the Pravis team encourage biodiversity by avoiding overcropping.

The majestic Dolomites are “allowed to enter” the outdoor space and the estate is surrounded by calacareous rocks, which have become an integral part of the estate by controlling the winery temperature. The winery is completely excavated underground to create a silent and still space for the wines to slowly mature.

Pravis minimizes the use of technology for the wine production process, utilising natural methods such as slowing the pressed grapes to “flow with gravity into fermentation tanks, then into barrels”. It is this adherence to natural winemaking plus the “magic alchemistry of pure Trentino peasant culture” which embodies the wines of Pravis.




New arrivals include a sparkling - made using the 'classic method' aka Metodo Classico aka Champagne style - from the special PiWi grape JOHANNITER.

Or why not explore the new still Piwi wine called SOUVIGNIER GRIS (with its eye-catching purple dragon label) that offers a fresh, citrus fruit character ... and a nice comparison with the other still PiWi wine SOLARIS that shows more tropical notes.

We also have new vintages of popular, refreshing whites, such as the TERAMARA Sauvignon, SAN THOMA Muller Thurgau and KERNER. Plus, the rich, full-bodied white blend STRAVINO which will be a fantastic pairing with a rich creamy dish or even something with a kick of spice!

If you're looking for a rose wine to suit a party, try the easy drinking BELLEAMOUR made from local mountain grape Schiava. From personal experience we can guarantee it's absolutely delicious with a light risotto: we were lucky enough to enjoy the Pravis family recipe during a winery visit (photo above).

For red wine drinkers, start with the fruity Pinot Nero MADRUZZO and don't miss the chance to try local mountain grape Franconia DESTRANI.

For lovers of a more full-bodied red wine grab a bottle of their flagship red FRATAGRANDA - the 2009 or the 2013 vintage, or better still get both to compare!



NB: Click on each Pravis wine for our latest tasting notes, to guide you to the best choice for your next wine pairing dinner. Don't hesitate to contact me for personal recommendations and advice.




Have you heard of the disease-resistant cross-breed grape varieties known as PiWis?

PIWI (a German abbreviation) refers to a collection of grape varieties that are not affected by the typical diseases of the vine, meaning the vineyard managers can practice eco-friendly viticulture without chemicals.

"These were created by crossing European grape varieties and American fungus resistant varietals. Most of them still are known as hybrids or interspecific varietals and were first used in France from 1880 to 1935.

The aim was to combine the good resistance to diseases and phylloxera of the American grape varieties with the high quality of European varietals.

Unfortunately these new varietals were not able to survive on their own root. New cultures, which have been grown after 1950, are very complex, may have been created with Asian varietals and are the result of decades of crossings. They belong to the type Vitis vinifera because they are not to be distinguished taxonomically.

An official examination in comparing different grape varieties has proven the high quality in wine production of Piwi varietals."

For the full article click here.

Fancy having a go at the full German name? Good Luck!! The full phrase is "Pilzwiderstandsfähigen Reben" :-)

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