Sesta Di Sopra - meet the winery!

Award-winning reds from the land of the Etruscans 

Meet Sesta Di Sopra of Tuscany.

South of Siena, near Montalcino and the ancient village of Castelnuovo dell'Abate, the 44-hectare estate of Sesta Di Sopra is a gem of the Tuscan countryside.

This area, once farmed by the Etruscan people, enjoys an ancient history of viticulture. Embracing this heritage, the winery’s logo includes an Etruscan symbol depicting the sun, based on a relic found on the grounds of the farm.



In 1980, the Spina family took an old farmhouse and some olive groves, and began the work of creating the Sesta Di Sopra winery in this ideal vine-growing setting, with its favourable soil composition and microclimate.

The Spina family believe themselves to be “custodians” of the land and its biodiversity.

The Sesta Di Sopra wines are a gift of the land, the culture and the Spina family vision – designed, above all, to give pleasure.




80 km south of Florence, the hill town of Montalcino (province of Siena) has a long history of Sangiovese vine cultivation.

This important Italian grape can be found in many areas of Central Italy (notable clones are found further east in Romagna). One of its most famous and accessible styles comes from Chianti, just north of Montalcino.

In the area of Montalcino the wines made from the Sangiovese Grosso vine are celebrated as some of Italy's most noble and long-lived reds.

See the WineFolly map below for an idea of the location of Montalcino.

Sesta Di Sopra is in the southern part of the Montalcino area.

Scroll down to view the location of the Sesta Di Sopra estate, compared to other Montalcino wineries.


In the Sesta Di Sopra vineyards, the exquisite and high-quality Sangiovese Grosso grapes are cultivated.

The vines grow in mainly calcareous soil and the emphasis is on “low production yields and the highest quality of harvest”.

The grapes are handpicked with great care “to guarantee the integrity of the product”. The winemaking process is traditional, while utilising modern agricultural techniques to ensure product quality.

The resulting wines are award- winning Tuscan reds that showcase the great power of the Sangiovese grape.



In the words of winemaker Ettore Spina:

"This is our second life ...

Enrica and I, many years ago, with one of our unforgettable dear friends, we started looking for a place to move our families and where we thought we were going to live our last years ... [We bought] an abandoned farmhouse in a place that we have always considered "magical".

In this place, the peasant wisdom has always identified the vocation for the cultivation of the vine, since the ancient Etruscans ... And so we too have ventured into the cultivation of vines and the production of wine.

... The vine has taught us wisdom and ... we have had the confirmation of what our "elders" have always taught us: work, effort, respect, honesty. Just as in the vineyard, before the harvest, we seek maturity, the truth of a long working year, at the end of our life we will find out why of that truth."







100% Sangiovese, matured in stainless steel, this is a great introduction to the wines of Ettore Spina.

Despite being one of our youngest red wines (2020 vintage!!) this is ready for your glass now. It opens up as you swirl, offering notes of cherry, plum, cranberry and tomato leaf, plus hints of spice!



This is the classic Montalcino DOC, with maturation in small barrique. Delightfully floral nose (almost like sweet flowers) opening up to a layered palate. Juicy, lovely, balanced tannins … pleasure to drink (little too easy to quaff!) ;)

Psst! If you're quick, you can still grab a bottle of the Rosso Di Montalcino 2012 by Sesta Di Sopra (available at time of writing) and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to savour the taste of Sangiovese Grosso that's been patiently ageing longer in the bottle :)




Carefully selected Sangiovese Grosso vines are fermented and then matured for a minimum of 24 months in 30 hl Slovenian oak barrels, before further ageing in the bottle (8 months).

Beautifully perfumed, the 2015 Brunello is superbly well balanced and offers an explosion of both fruit and floral notes, backed with distinct mineral character and a long long long finish!

Try a bottle now, or pop it in your ageing fridge, or both?

*both 2015 and 2016 vintages are available. We recommend the 2015 now and a little wait for the 2016 but everyone's tastes are different so try a vertical tasting and decide for yourself.


Psst! For a special occasion (keeping our fingers crossed for dinner parties with more than 5 guests) you can GO BIG with a magnum of the 2015 or 2016.




The premium Sangiovese Grosso vines undergo a longer maturation time of 36 months in 30 hl Slovenian oak barrels, followed by 12 months in the bottle, to make the Riserva.

This is a very rare product, made only in the best vintages with highly limited production numbers. The 2015 vintage saw only 820 bottles produced!




Have you explored the wide variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we import from our wonderful wineries?

Looking for something new? Here's your chance! Get your hands on some tasty Tuscan EVOO from the winery of Sesta Di Sopra.



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