Teinturiers: Dark Flesh, Dark Wine!

Did you know that nearly all wine grapes, no matter the name (white or red), have CLEAR juice?

However, some wine grapes have higher than usual pigmentation levels, making them ideal for use in BLENDS to add colour to the wine.


Grapes with this characteristic are known as TEINTURIERS and they produce fruit with intensely coloured skin and juice.

FYI: out of more than 10,000 grape varieties it’s estimated that less than 20 are teinturiers.



Among the many endemic grapes of Italy, the delicious NeroBuono grape is a teinturier. It produces rich, velvety red wines with a great depth of colour and character.

Try a NERO BUONO wine from Lazio by Poggio Le Volpi today – BACCAROSSA.


Psst! If the grape is NOT a teinturier then, in theory, it can be vinified as a ‘white wine’ (i.e.: without the skins) and will produce a clear/white wine!

For a perfect example of this technique try the first WHITE BARBERA called BIANCA – produced by Castello di Cigonola of Lombardy.


For more details see the Wine Folly article here: https://winefolly.com/tutorial/teinturier-grapes/


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