"Animal Appreciation" April Promotion
 In celebration of National Pet Day (11 April 2021) we're highlighting 11 products that celebrate our furry friends!


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The weekend promo wine list includes sparkling, white, rose and red ... plus a grappa.


Can you guess which bottles from these hints?


* which RED wine often displays notes of BLOOD ORANGE?
* which PiWi grape makes a Champagne-style BUBBLY?
* which region of Italy boasts WHITES with fresh, saline notes?


Keep reading for all the promo details...






Fans of Champagne will love the price/quality ratio of north Italy bubbles that use the same production method.



The special* sparkling from Dolomite mountain winery Pravis is a Metodo Classico Extra Brut, offering many similarities to the better known bubbles of north France, but this is a unique find thanks to the little-known cross-bred PiWi grape* of the same name.

Tasting notes ... soft yet persistent perlage; fresh, lightly aromatic, sweet floral nose; notes of lemon and lime skin (hint of beeswax, reminiscent of Riesling); some stone fruit on the palate. Overall a very clean and refreshing drink with a sweeter nose than palate.

Tastes like ... think of an Alsace Cremant or a warm vintage Cava - both traditional method like Champagne but using the non-traditional grapes and often displaying riper fruit notes.


Save 15% on JOHANNITER Naran 2017 (usual price $49) if you order by Sunday!


* the NARAN series by Pravis showcase little-known PiWi grapes - special disease-resistant crosses - featuring a beautiful DRAGON label.




3 fabulous whites to choose from this weekend...



- VERMENTINO by Audarya - the one with the rabbit :)

Tasting notes ... fresh tropical fruit aromas like melon (plus a hint of pear drops) with some subtle almond notes. Could be the sandy vineyard caressed by the ocean wind, but I always pick up a lovely saline note on Sardinian whites that reminds me of a salty breeze. Overall this is a light to medium weight in the mouth, with a soft and warm finish that will suit light dishes.

Tastes like ... an Abruzzo Pecorino (if you've not tried it yet, check out the Pecorino Nerube Jasci & Marchesani); some similarity with a young Pinot Grigio or a young Semillon; also reminiscent of a Gruner Vetliner or a cool vintage Marsanne.


- SOUVIGNIER GRIS Naran by Pravis - one with the dragon motif :)

Tasting notes ... notes of passionfruit and gooseberry with hints of blackcurrant; overall very delicate fruit notes with some floral aromas and a slightly salty minerality (wet rocks). Like the Vermentino above it has a a light to medium weight in the mouth and will pair well with oysters, shellfish, sashimi, grilled chicken, greek dishes.

Tastes like ... a Sancerre or similar cool climate Sauvignon (like the mountain Sauvignon from Pojer & Sandri); similarities with some styles of Gruner Veltliner.


- SOLARIS Naran by Pravis - another one with the dragon motif :)

Tasting notes ... refreshing with tangy acidity. Fruit notes are both citrus & tropical (apple, nectarine, tangerine, hint of lime peel, touch of pink grapefruit) and balanced with classic mountain-wine minerality. As it warms up in your glass you get lovely 'French patisserie' notes too. A long, lingering finish; perfect for rich fish or seafood dishes with creamy sauces.

Tastes like ... an Albarino (one of my fav non-Italian whites) or possibly like an Alsace Pinot Gris or an un-oaked 'new world' Chardonnay.


Save 15% on Vermentino 2019 (usual price $39) or Souvignier Gris Naran 2018 (usual price $39) or Solaris Naran 2018 (usual price $39) if you order by Sunday!




Who's ready for a cheeky glass of vino right now? A sunny Singapore afternoon is the perfect excuse for a glass of rose after lunch, to help you get through the rest of your Friday!

#WorkFromHomeBenefits #LazyFridayAfternoon



- ROSATO by Audarya - the one with the giraffe :)

Tasting notes ... lovely balance of fresh, summer fruits and a hint of herbal notes to counter a sweet character. Pleasant long finish with nice acidity that stays in the mouth.Try it with some dim sum, or one of my all-time favourite dishes - duck pancakes. Also great with 'afternoon tea' style sandwiches and scones!!

"It's a Thursday night ... balcony wine ... raspberry and strawberry!" quote from a customer on first taste!


Save 15% on ROSATO 2019 (usual price $35) if you order by Sunday!




From quaffable reds to the more serious food-pairing choice, and even something for a post-prandial aperitif, we've got your next dinner party wine menu sorted below...



- MONICA by Audarya - the one with the zebra :)

Tasting notes ... on the nose expect red fruit with a hint of sweet spice; on the palate - dry, soft and balanced.

Tastes like ... a fruity yet elegant Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir), for example a Tasmanian Pinot; similarity to Gamay so think cool vintage Beaujolais; or for those who are already familiar with native Italian vines, think young Ruche or a mountain red like Terrano or Franconia.


- CANNONAU by Audarya - the one with the lion :)

Tasting notes ... layers of red fruit like plum, plus a touch of blood orange and pink grapefruit that lifts it beautifully; a rich character on the palate, balancing fruit and savoury, with a slightly spicy finish.

Tastes like ... well, like a Grenache! This is Sardinia's answer to France's sun-loving red vine that we love in southern Rhone blends, but arguably with a closer DNA profile to the Spanish Garnacha that thrives in Rioja and Priorat. The grape is typically medium-body, medium-acid, medium-tannin so also has some similarity with Merlot or even Zinfandel (but red fruit notes as opposed to Zin/Primitvo's darker fruit notes). If you like your Veneto Valpolicella you'll love Cannonau.


- ROSSO FAYE by Pojer & Sandri - the one with the 'Albrecht Durer' hare* :)

Tasting notes ... a rich, fragrant nose (meadow flowers, dark red plum, cherry) and a silky smooth character, with a delightfully long finish. It balances being powerful yet elegant. Completely unforgettable!

Tastes like ... a Bordeaux blend with a mountain twist - this flagship red combines the classic grapes Cab Sav, Cab Franc and Merlot with the addition of local Dolomite grape Lagrein - so there are similarities to left-bank like Margaux, but to be honest I think this is a very unique wine. We also have other Bordeaux blends, even some from nearby mountain vineyards like the Fratagranda by Pravis, yet still the Rosso Faye stands out for having its own special character. The Lagrein gives it an extra something you have to try - don't miss this fabulous wine at such a great price this weekend!!!



Colourless and crystal clear, this GRAPPA from the Rosso Faye blend displays hints of pepper and redcurrants (thanks to the Cabernets). It's intensely flavoured, with a ‘fire’ appreciated by grappa connoisseurs.

"Grappa is a serious matter. It is like Pizza and Pasta: Grappa represents Italy in the world" says Mario Pojer.


* the gorgeous ROSSO FAYE label was inspired by Albrecht Durer who sketched a young hare when he visited the Dolomites. If you get a chance to look up more artwork by Durer (painter and printmaker generally regarded as the greatest German Renaissance artist) you'll spot more images used in Pojer & Sandri labels, like the dancing couple on their metodo classico bubbles.

Save 15% on Audarya's Monica 2019 (usual price $39) or their Cannonau 2019 (usual price $45); or try the Rosso Faye range by Pojer & Sandri (2015 usual price $79; 2016 usual price $79; 2015 magnum usual price $150; grappa usual price $88) if you order by Sunday!




Don't forget ... this promotion ends on SUNDAY and to see the 15% saving you must place your order online with the code.

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