Star Wars Day Wine

May the fourth be with you!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away .... wine lovers were searching for the perfect bottle to share with friends.

Their mission? To discover something exciting and independent (beyond the boring labels being pushed by the trade federation) that would bring balance to their dinner party. :)

Scroll down to get inspiration from your favourite Star Wars characters!



What Would R2-D2 Drink?

With his cheeky, quirky character I'm sure astro droid R2-D2 might fancy a quirky vino like ZERO INFINITO by Dolomite legends Pojer & Sandri.

It's a unique frizzante, from a special grape called Solaris. Perfect as an aperitif, or in place of a cocktail. This nonfiltrato wine has been made with zero chemicals from vine to bottle. Decant or enjoy unfiltered - the way the winemakers intended.




What Would Princess Leia Drink?

Key to the rebel alliance, and later a leader of the Resistance (going on to be General Leia Organa) the Princess would surely approve of a "disease resistant" vine, like this JOHANNITER by Pravis.

This is a Champagne-style sparkling from another rare super-grape (like the Solaris used for Zero Infinto) and also grown in the Dolomite mountains. It has a fresh, lightly aromatic, sweet floral nose; notes of lemon and lime skin (hint of beeswax, reminiscent of Riesling); some stone fruit on the palate; a soft yet persistent perlage; well balanced acidity; overall a very clean and refreshing drink with a sweeter nose than palate.




What Would Han Solo Drink?

Key to this self-confessed scoundrel's character is a sense of adventure! So head off the path of known vines and try a Sardinian Bovale wine (related to Spanish Graciano) like NURACADA by Audarya.

Nuracda is the flagship wine from family estate Audarya and makes for a rich, decadent tipple! Notes of red fruit and sweet spices, with a long smooth character, it pairs with rich dishes or aged cheese.




What Would C3PO Drink?

Let's be honest .... human-like protocol droid ("fluent in over six million forms of communication") C3PO is a bit of a snob! I can't help imagining him on a vineyard tour, a little like the guy in Sideways, turning his nose up at most Merlot. So surely he'd have to pick a Burgundy style Pinot Noir :)

PINOT NERO RODEL PIANEZZI is a stunning Pinot with all the elegance you'd expect from something French, yet a distinctly Italian twist. It's one of my favourite bottles to choose for someone who's not yet familiar with Italian grapes. I also LOVE pairing it with duck pancakes!




What Would a Wookie Drink?

I'm such a fan of the movie's famous wookie, Chewbacca, that I named my first Singapore rescue cat after him! :)

Unlike my soppy cat, Chewbacca is a strong and powerful character. He'll need a strong and powerful wine. Something robust! The new vintage of BARBATTO by Nicola Chiaromonte is a big and bold Primitivo from Apulia. Decant or open to breathe before pouring, then keep swirling in your glass to experience the full range of aromas (dark fruit, liquorice, chocolate, tobacco).




What Would Luke Skywalker Drink?

Sticking with the theme for his sister Leia, another "disease resistant" grape feels appropriate for Luke. This time, I'm thinking of a light (bright, fresh, Sauvignon-like) grape like SOUVIGNIER GRIS. A light wine for the hero of the light side!

Souvignier Gris Naran by Pravis has notes of passionfruit and gooseberry with hints of blackcurrant and a slightly salty minerality (wet rocks). Pair with light dishes, oysters, shellfish, sashimi, grilled chicken, greek dishes.




What Would Queen Amidala Drink?

A wine fit for a Queen? No problem...

Padme, who we first meet as the elected ruler of Naboo, would no doubt sip a glass of BLOOMSBURY by British estate Ridgeview. It's good enough for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (served at her Jubilee celebrations and a favourite for private events) and I'm sure this young Star Wars charcater would love its youthful energy.




What Would Yoda Drink?

OK so now we're getting serious! What do you think the most famous Jedi Master would keep in the back of his cellar?

Yoda seeks balance in the force, so I've got no doubt he would pick an older vintage that offers great balance. So, I'm going to say the first harvest SAGRANTINO. That's the 2003 that comes in a special wooden gift box. The strong tannins that are typical of this 'healthy heart grape' have now softened and the fruit notes contrast with the developing savoury notes to create a rich, layered and above all beautifully balanced red.




What Would Darth Vader Drink?

Well, I guess no wine really wants to be on the side of evil, but even an anti-hero like Anakin needs a drink!

For a tyrannical Sith Lord, who harnesses the power of the dark side, it's got to be very dark wine. It doesn't get much darker than a teinturier grape (this refers to a very small collection of grapes that produce dark juice, as opposed to the majority of black or red grapes that have clear juice but give wine a deep colour from anthocyanins found in the skins), like NeroBuno. So be like Vader - open a bottle of BACCAROSSA and enjoy the dark side!




If you need helping deciding where to start, please do contact me for personal recommendations and advice.

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