Vinitaly 2024 - the recap!

Now that my 4-day event is over it's time for a few 'stories from the wine fair'. 

It was such a pleasure to be back in Italy and to catch up with old friends.

All the wonderful winemakers and their families would like me to pass on a big "thank you" for buying and enjoying their wines!

Remember, for small-production family estates our little wine community is still an important overseas market for them and they truly appreciate the support. Especially those of you who take the plunge into trying new and rare varieties that may get overlooked. Let's keep it going, so that these under-appreciated but fabulous grapes don't go extinct (as so many have before). 

Old friends ... new wines!

Re-caps from 4 days of Vinitaly coming up below ... and if you read something you like the sound of, don't forget you can CLICK HERE for details on our 'Case Promo' to save $$$ when you buy 6 or more bottles from our extensive collection of artisan wines.



10 years since our first tasting together (Vinitaly 2014) I caught up with Pietradolce owner, Michele Faro, at the prestigious Opera Wine event (highly awarded labels, selected by Wine Spectator) to taste his Etna Rosso BARBAGALLI 2018.

Try the 2016 or 2017 vintages that are currently available in Singapore HERE.



Vinitaly Day 1:

- Catching up with Nicola, Federica and Teresa at the Jasci e Marchesani booth … tasting his stunning Abruzzo wines, including the Metodo Classico vs Pet Nat (Ancestral Method*) - whites both a blend of local Pecorino with Riesling and Chardonnay; the Rosato 100% Montepulciano (aka fizzy Cerasuolo)! * Psst! The FRIZZ (pet nat by Nicola Jasci) is nearly sold out in Singapore, so grab the last few bottles while you can! Explore the full Jasci & Marchesani collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Giovanni and I enjoyed a comparison between the latest vintage of FIANO vs the 2019 (which I still have available in Singapore), as well as the stunning ELE (85% Primitivo with 15% Aglianico) and of course the incredible BARBATTO (80 yr old vine Primitivo)!! Explore the Tenute Chiaromonte collection available in Singapore HERE.

- “Hello” and a big hug from the gorgeous Filomena and her winemaking-wizard hubby Vincenzo, who proudly represent Molise wines in all their glory!! They are pushing to bring this little-known region to the world stage with their passion - especially the delicious rare grape Tintilia. Explore the Cianfagna collection available in Singapore HERE and read a blog post about my visit to their vineyard, entitled The Wisdom of Wine, HERE.

- Looking for some stunning Tuscan wines, specifically Bolgheri? Look no further ... Martina is a champion of her fathers’s vineyard and the wines of Giovannni Chiappini. Tasting the latest vintages was such a pleasure and I'm excited to re-stock their limited-production single variety labels, Liena, asap. Explore the Chiappini collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Fan of Nebbiolo? Have you explored Gattinara, from north Piedmont? Paride and Fabrizio would love you to try their tasty Gattinara wines. I got to sip the latest vintage release of Paride's GATTINARA RISERVA and also the single vineyard VIGNA VALFERANA. Both absolutely delicious and ready for the glass. But even better if you have the patience to lay some down for a few more years :-) Explore the Paride Iaretti collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Catching up with Alice and trying some new vintages of Umbrian wine from the little town of Bastardo. For those of you who love the Sagrantino blend ROSSOBASTARDO, I’ll get it back in stock in Singapore asap! Read more about Sagrantino, the 'healthy heart' grape at this post. Explore the Cesarini Sartori collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Nicoletta says “hello” and would love you to explore more wine from Sardinia! Have you tried the key grapes like VERMENTINO and CANNONAU (aka Grenache)? How about the more obscure varieties, like NURAGUS, Nasco (see their premium white BESSIU), MONICA and Bovale (see premium red NURACADA)? Psst! Their exciting NEW red wine (blend of local grapes) has already sold out, before I even had the chance to bring some to Singapore, but look out for it at the end of the year!! Patience is a virtue (and a mantra for winemakers)!! Explore the Audarya collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Castello di Cigognola makes delicious Oltrepo Pavese Metodo Classico Blanc/Rose de Noirs from PN and fantastic Barbera… but they also have an unusual white (from Barbera!!) and a Nebbiolo (PER PAPA named for the late Angelo Moriatti), plus an exciting partnership with old vines from central Sardinia (the Bentu Luna wines)! So many fabulous labels to try!! Explore the Castello di Cigognola + Bentu Luna collection available in Singapore HERE

- Pravis have a new sparkling wine (100% Pinot Bianco) and it’s GORGEOUS!!! While you wait for it to appear in Singapore, can we tempt you to explore their other wines - from fresh mountain whites to tasty reds?!? Explore the wide range of Pravis wines available in Singapore HERE.



Vinitaly Day 2:

- Federico says “ciao” everyone! Tasting through delicious new vintages (and some gorgeous back vintages too - like the Rosso Faye 2009 vs 2019) and yes I’ll bring in the sold out wines like CREMISI and MERLINO asap! While you’re waiting for my restock, you can explore a huge range of Pojer e Sandri wines HERE.

- Pleasure to taste the full line-up of stunning Pietradolce wines - from classic line Etna Bianco / Rosato / Rosso through to specific cru (Contrada) from pre-phylloxera vines … and even a cheeky sip of mandarin amaro ... and catch up with Michele and his team! Hopefully he’ll make it to Singapore soon, to share his stories with you in person. In the meantime, explore the Pietradolce collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Passed by Fasoli Gino and Tasi, checking out their new mascot. Fasoli Gino have a fantastic line up of classic Veneto wines to explore, so check them out HERE.

- Learnt about some Aosta wines and their ‘heroic winemaking’ techniques - from vines harvested from steep slopes to wines aged in the darkness of 2000 altitude mines!

- Met up with Mitja and tried his new wines (Metodo Classico from local grape Ribolla Gialla, and also Riesling!!!) as well as new vintages of his classic labels like the delicious Friulano and Pinot Grigio (made as a ‘ramato’ style so copper-hued… check out the photo of the dark berries of PG so don’t be surprised when the ‘white’ wine looks pink/orange)! Explore the Draga collection available in Singapore HERE.



Vinitaly Day 3:

- Back to back 'speed tasting' meetings (e.g.; room of tables where importers sit on one side and winery reps move around every 30 mins when the bell rings)!!! Exhausting but got to taste some new wines (like special PiWi grapes and rare grapes like Passerina, Cesanese and Sciascinoso)!

- Sneaked out of the meeting room to catchup with Davide and try the new vintages from Cascina Gilli … including the delicious red frizzante from Malvasia Castelnuovo Don Bosco - GILLI - a frizzante made from the rare red grape Malvasia di Schierano. Explore the Cascina Gilli collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Lovely to catch up with Lucrezia (nad her hubby Francesco, the president of the Roero Consortium) for a quick hug and a few glasses of their latest Roero releases - from the outstanding white Arneis RENESIO INCISA to the deliciously moorish Nebbiolo BRICCO GENESTRETO. Explore the Monchiero Carbone collection available in Singapore HERE.



Vinitaly Day 4:

- Tasted new bottles and vintages from Luca Ferraris - the wizard of rare Ruche grape (if you’ve not yet tried this gorgeous red from Piedmont you’re missing out)! Thank you Chiara and Luca - the new sparkling is delicious and it was really interesting to compare the two Viognier. (Sorry you weren't there Chris, to taste the new release of Barbera Superiore - 100+ yr old vines). Explore the Ferraris collection available in Singapore HERE.

- From the elegance of their Chardonnay to the freshness of their Freisa, and of course the beautiful structure of their range of Nebbiolo, the Brezza wine never fails to impress! I first met Enzo (and tried his delicious wines, from the prestigious Barolo hills) 10 years ago … how time flies!!! Explore the Brezza collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Another super quick catch up with Mattia and a chance to taste to some of the vintages by Tasi… apologies to all those who’ve been missing the skin-contact aka orange wine IN CONTACT as it sold out in SG, but I’ll get it on a boat asap! Explore the Tasi collection available in Singapore HERE.

- Agnese says “ciao” to all the Barbanera fans in Singapore!!! Their line of ‘Duca di Saragnano’ wines have been super popular in SG for the 10 years I’ve known them! Explore the Barbanera collection available in Singapore HERE.



Boom … è finito!!

And just like that, 4 days at Vinitaly 2024 were over.

As always, it was a pleasure to catch up with old friends and make new ones … and to taste wines made by my favourite winemakers from up and down the entire length of Italy - a country so devoted to wine and its enormous range of local grapes that it can be overwhelming! But I’m here to help, Singapore!! Get in touch any time to ask for a personal recommendation and inspiration to continue your own Italian wine journey...



Vinitaly was over ... but the wine was still flowing (this time with my mum by my side - see photo above)! "Cheers" to my little Emilia adventure, with plenty of Lambrusco along the way :-) See you all back in Singapore!!!



If you have any questions about deliveries or our wines please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Cheers, Laura